High mountains and deep valleys surround Sirdal. Nature is varied and full of surprises. The possibilities are many when you get around Sirdal on foot. You can walk along one of the many marked hiking trails or you can choose to experience nature by walking your own path. You can experience everything from large cairns, wreckage from World War II to ancient mines. If you are lucky you can get a glimpse of grouse, moose and other animals that live freely here in nature.

When staying overnight, the right of public access is valid, and it is possible to rent one of the many cabins from the Stavanger Tourist Association or Statskog.


From the bottom of the chairlift you can take the trip up the route and further up to Storeknut. The trip is steep and demanding, but well worth it when you reach the top and see the view! The trip can also start from the car park in Ålsheia by following the path from there to the top (then the route will be significantly much longer).


If you have reached Storeknut, it is not a long trip to Røseknuten as well. Signpost on to Røseknuten and enjoy the view and take a lunch break on the scenic top. Optimal for photoshoot!

Along Beinesvatnet

From the bottom of the chairlift there is a path along Beinesvatnet for those who want a flatter walk on more groomed gravel paths. The path will eventually offer a forest floor. A perfect little round trip for those who want to stretch their legs and enjoy Sirdal’s nature without getting too sweaty!

Hiking in the realm of huldras (path in Hulderheimen)

For trips in Sirdal you can see here: www.listerfriluft.no

Stavanger Tourist Association’s marked trails can be found here: www.stf.no/sommerruter

and here: www.ut.no

For more trips book «Vandring i Sirdalsheiene» or purchased at the Tourist Information at Kvæven in Sirdal