Kjerag rises 1,084 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain peak in the Lysefjord. From here you can take a picture of Kjeragbolten and enjoy the view from the mountain plateau. Kjerag is also a popular destination for base jumpers and mountain climbers.

The road to Lysebotn opens at the end of May.

Summer season

Kjerag is a seasonal hiking destination. Before the opening of the county road between Sirdal and Lysebotn around the middle of May, Kjerag is only suitable for the well-prepared hikers with local guide. The snow can be deep and require skis or snowshoes. The season ends when the road closes due to snowfall in October / November.

6-10 hour hike

The hike to Kjerag takes from six to ten hours up and down again and is about eleven kilometers long. You must be in good physical shape before embarking on this mountain hike, which has a climb of 800 meters. Some stretches require you to hoist yourself up and down using a steel wire, making this hike is demanding even for experienced hikers. You start at the parking lot in Øygardstøl. Ask the hosts in the car park for a weather update – they will give you all the necessary information before departure. In rainy weather, be especially careful as the trail will be slippery.

Proper hiking equipment

Pack a sturdy 30-liter backpack to fit everything you need. Maps and compasses, first aid kits, fully charged mobile phones and headlamps are just some of the things we recommend you bring with you.

Appropriate and warm clothes

Always bring the right footwear. Hiking boots are highly recommended. The trip to Kjerag is in rough terrain, and you will need solid foot and ankle support. At Kjerag you can occasionally experience strong gusts of wind, so dress in wind and waterproof outerwear. The weather changes surprisingly fast up in the mountains, so an extra change of clothes, including a hat, mittens and scarf, should be included in your backpack.


To get to Kjerag by car, drive via Sirdal. It is well signposted whether you come from the east, west or south. In the summer there is a bus to Kjerag / Øygardsstøl from Stavanger. The departures are early in the morning and return to Stavanger in the afternoon. There are both tourist car ferries and combi ferries to Lysebotn, and from there you travel by car, walk or hike to Øygardsstøl. Check out other options to travel to Kjerag.